Why be a member of the Professional Musician’s Association?
Our primary purpose is to represent our members in their workplace. We do this by obtaining contracts, administering contracts and by setting area wage scale standards and working conditions. All AFM Local 500 members receive the American Federation of Musician’s monthly publication, The International Musician, and our local North Carolina newsletter.

Who is eligible to join?
Membership is open to all qualified musicians – Professionals who work part-time or full-time in pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, folk, or other areas of music making.

How do I join?
Return a completed AFM application, along with two quarters dues of $57, to the address above. First time AFM members must also send an additional one-time $65 Initiation fee. CLICK HERE for AFM application in a fillable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format. Or visit the national AFM web site for more membership information:

The following are some additional advantages of AFM membership:

  • Local Job Referral
  • Locally Negotiated Agreements
  • AFM Group Insurance Available
  • AFM Contract Forms
  • Union Plus AFL-CIO Benefit Plans
  • AFM Instrument Insurance
  • Collection of Claims
  • Phono Special Payments Fund
  • Music Performance Trust Fund
  • Touring Support

If you would like additional information:
Call the office at 919-649-4998 or e-mail us at