July 17, 2024
I\'m moving away, can you transfer my membership to another Local?
No. If you wish to join another Local, you must either be \"Active\" or \"Resigned in Good Standing\" in all Locals with whom you currently have membership. If you know your dues are up-to-date, simply send an email to contact@afm500.org stating you wish to resign in good standing effective your last paid thru date. As long as you are not in arrears, you\'ll receive a confirmation that you are now \"Resigned in Good Standing,\" and be able to join any other AFM Local.
How do I know my paid thru date for membership dues?
If you don\'t know your last paid thru date for membership dues, the best way to find out is email the Secretary-Treasurer at contact@afm500.org or jessica.kunttu@afm500.org.

Unfortunately, there is no way to link this information to our website at this time.
I\'m a Local 500 member in good standing, but I\'m not listed on the website under \"Find a Musician\" or \"Find a Teacher.\" How do I fix that?
The website features like \"Find a Musician\" and \"Find a Teacher\" are opt-in.

If you joined Local 500 via the website, then chances are good you created a member profile in the process.

If you joined via the national website, email, or snail mail, or if you\'ve been a member longer than the creation of this website (February 2021), you may not have a profile.

Making a member profile is simple - click the \"Join\" button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. You do not need to fill out all boxes if you\'re already a member - just basic contact info will do. Once you submit this, it will create a member profile request. Once we see that on the admin side, we will confirm you\'re a member in good standing and approve your profile. From there, you can opt-in to the searchable features like \"Find a Musician\" and \"Find a Teacher,\" add a bio, headshot, etc.
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