April 23, 2024
Election Update - May 5, 2021
Posted Date: May 04 2021
At the conclusion of the nominations period at 11:59pm on April 30, 2021, the number of nominees was equal to the number of open positions. In accordance with our bylaws, all of the nominees are therefore elected by acclamation and there is not need for a ballot vote. Installation of new officers and board members will take place in June, exact date TBD. Thank you to all current and future officers and board members for your service, and congratulations!

2021-2023 AFM Local 500 Executive Board

President / Second Delegate, Leah Peroutka
Vice President, Jan Hall
Secretary-Treasurer / First Delegate, Jessica Kunttu

Board Members At-Large,
Brevan Hampden
Michael Hrivnak
Carrie Shull
John Spuller
Julia Thompson
Les Webster

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